January 13th, 2017

Soooooo its Friday the 13th, ooooo ooooo oooooo scarrryyy!!! hahahaha How many of you are superstitious? And believe in that stuff? Im not much for believing in it myself, but anywho.

Soooo what an exciting life I lead, Its Friday, My son is gone, its 7:41pm, and Im contemplating bedtime already. Oh I am also eating cereal out of a coffee mug, and drinking wine before I blog. Man o man.. dont you wish you could be me?

I know I mean honestly Id be jealous if I were you also, its ok, not everyone can be as cool as I am. Its a gift really, Id like to thank my mama for that! hahaha but all seriousness aside (hahaha inside joke) I am really contemplating bedtime. Like WHO DOES THAT!!!! It is now almost 9pm, (yes it took me that long) I had Game of Thrones going on in the background I got caught up, stupid ADD. Now I am attempting to type with a kitten in the crick of my arm after he decided that attacking my hair and my lips and my glasses were no longer any fun. He also proceeds to look at me like I am an idiot every time I move my arm or leg to try and get comfortable as if it were an inconvenience for me to move my own body parts. Lets go back to that word for a moment, inconvenience, out of the 25 times I use that word a day, I promise I only spell it right about 4, Im always missing letters or transposing them and then I am like thinking in my head, I before E except after C right? hahaha Isnt that the phrase? Actually I know exactly what the phrase is, I use it very often. hahahaha. Isnt it funny how the things you learned in Pre-school and kindergarten are the things you remember as opposed to the Trigonometry you learned in high school? Math was most definitely my worst subject in school, I was more of a History buff, as well as well any other subject than math. ha. I bet you would never guess I was a band nerd, unless you knew me. Clarinet and Bass Clarinet I was actually first chair for Bass Clarinet. I also play the piano, and I played the organ in church and taught Sunday school, and sang in the choir also. Now that I have given you a bit of a history lesson about me, lol. We can move on. 🙂

A lot of people feel like you are supposed to have it all together by the time you are my age. You’re supposed to know what you want to do with your life, have your career mapped out. Have your savings in tact, be an adult, make sound decisions. make good decisions. Make sure you do things only adults would do. If you let your hair down too much you are immature, if you dont let it down at all, then you are uptight. If you go to church or listen to the good word, you’re too religious. If you have a nice body and your clothes look good on you, your a slut. If you wear clothes that are perceived by some to be “too young” you’re trying too hard. And if you sit on your butt all day you’re lazy. There is honestly just no winning. How the hell do they expect people to be now a days? It seems that no one can just let other people live. Someone is always concerned about “how they are living their life” crazy part is half of the people who are worried about you adn what you are doing dont have their stuff together. Because the ones who have their stuff together do not have time to worry about others life. or what they do or do not have. Its like that saying, I dont have time to notice if your grass is greener than mine, Im too busy watering mine! Also for the record, pretty much everything I talk about, it has myself included I am no exception to the rule, and also, I am not pretending to be something Im not. I have judged people, and I have worried about other people more than myself. So when I speak on this, this is things that I have personally done, and I know how I have felt saying it, or doing it. I also know how I feel when people do it to me, so therefore I know what it acceptable and not acceptable. By that I mean dont think I am on some high horse looking down on the “townspeople” I have been in the same boat rowing, I just think that we as a people need to do better. We need to stop setting expectations for people that are not ourselves. We need to stop trying to make people rise up to what WE EXPECT instead of supporting and trying to help them attain the goal they wish to reach IN THERE OWN TIME. Remembering that not everyone is built the same as you, and learning that it does not mean you are either less than or better than that person will help you out in life.

It is now officially 10:45 and I can go to bed safely and not feel bad!!! hahaha

Be happy. Be bright. Be you!!!!! ❤


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