January 7th, 2017

Jus waking up in the morning gotta thank God
I don’t know but today seems kinda odd
No barking from the dogs, no smog
And momma cooked a breakfast with no hog, I got to say, today was a good day!!!

I mean but seriously though, it was a good day! ha. Got woke up with a Barry White impression in my ear, hahaha and then came downstairs to make coffee to find that the pipes had burst! Yayy cold weather! BIG HUGE THUMBS DOWN!!! Stupid stupid stupid cold weather! STUPID! Ok I think I feel better now! I dont think I thoroughly thought thru where I lived for the winter haha. Ok Im done complaining now, the problem is that Im kind of a brat, and I will complain about nothing and everything just cuz!!! Hope you can handle that!!! 😉 hahahahaha

After a morning of coffee and bible study, I went to the gym and man o man did I feel amazing! Low impact cardio and I was in my zone! Sweating and pumping my yittle legs to the beat of the music! Just a getting it, I busted out some weights and felt AMAZE BALLS!!! I swear I always complain about working out, but when I am done, the endorphin high that I have is beyond compare, nothing gives me the feeling that working out does. When I actually do it! And go hard, the thing is as much as I complain, working out makes me feel better than alot of things. So after working out I come home to some protein and a few little street tacos (hahaha dont judge me) It wasnt as bad as it sounds believe me, they were little and I didnt eat the excess tortilla! hahaha Yes, yes that is my attempt to justify my horrible food choices after working out! Its shopping day tomorrow! DONT JUDGE ME!!!

After taking kiddos and dropping them off to go shopping, I became hangry, hating everything and everyone, snapping at every corner! Soooo after a lovely dinner of pizza veggie burgers, no they arent nasty. They are rather good AND filling, I am thrilled to say that my niece wants to start watching Sons of Anarchy, sooo that means I get to watch it again!!! Yayyyy for that! Although we tried to told her it was worth watching she didnt wanna watch it til her “friend” said to do it. lol. Oh well we get to watch it no matter what!

What are some shows you like to watch on Netflix? Any series makes you binge watch? Any series not on Netflix? I can tell you Game of Thrones had me losing sleep and everything else. I just recently started “The Walking Dead” it literally took me until episode 4 for me to actually like watching it. I wasnt going to give it a fair chance, but then while I was doing homework one day , it was just playing in the background, so I just kept watching and got more and more interested. Horrible I know, as Im trying to make this miraculous come back and Im getting stuck on these damn tv shows! Ohhhh well Im only human!!! Meaning I love to binge watch shows, start books and never finish them, eat lots of chocolate, and eat foods I know Im not supposed too.

I also dwell on things. Have you ever heard a song that just takes you back? Like you literally time travel to the time and place when that song first played? When that song became important to you? Most annoying thing in the freaking world, lemme tell you! You wish that the song could be just that again, A SONG! But nope, nope nope, next thing you know, youre bawling and singing the song off beat and tear ridden eyes! Hahaha. Not that its happened lately, but I sure do wish that there werent soo many songs that made me think. BLAAAHHHHH……

You know one day I think I’ll write letters and try to make amends with the people I no longer have relations with, but until then, Ill just continue to hear a song, and think back to a time when that song held happy memories. Fleetwood Mac, “Landslide” to my dad, even if we never speak again, I miss you always and think of you often. I hope when I write you , my letter finds you well, and you can understand the emotions that I poured into it.

Until tomorrow folks, Im over and out!


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