January 4th, 2017 aka SNOW DAY FAIL!!!

5:20m: I wake up to come downstairs and see my niece sleeping on the couch, she was supposed to be at work, and advised me that she was unable to get out of the driveway, of course in my head Im like pssh. Its gonna be ok, I got this!!! Well after going outside, and clearing the snow from my windshield with a notebook, I started to back up, making progress, making progress, making… oh shit.. Wont go any further. Im like its cool, its cool. Ill go the other way! NOPE!!! So with wounded pride, I walk back inside to my face my niece who is smiling at me, saying… “Sooo no gym this morning”  Seriously snow? You are starting to put a damper on my life! I am on a mission in life and you are not helping me none! If I had a shovel, I would go and start shoveling the driveway of the apt complex, but I dont! Soo… alas I am left with hoping the snow is cleared somewhat before I have to be to work in 2 hours Orrrrrr who knows what is going to happen!! So what do you do when you cant get to the gym, and you have time to spare you ask? Well you enjoy yourself a good ol cup of joe, you make yourself some breakfast and you Blog! Like any sane person would, and dream of the days when you weren’t so cold, and the ground was clear, and little white flakes didnt ruin your life goals! hahahaha Ok that was a BIT dramatic, but still this winter ish is seriously putting a damper on my vibe! You know its clear weather and 45 degrees in LA with a high of 65 degrees, clearly wrong state! Just saying!

7:30pm: Work got let out early, due to the weather, and then its completely cancelled tomorrow due to the weather! Sooooo you know what that means?! SNOOOW DAYYY!!!! For real for real tho this time.  Not that fake 2 hour delay snow day! Soooo do you know what I did when I left work? Well I went to the gym! So the current score stands: Weather 1: Katie 1 so there! An even tie never hurt anyone!!! Soo guess what that means? Im WINNING! ha. While at the gym today, I was on this machine that makes me feel like Im gliding on air, and this older woman was on the treadmill and when she made eye contact with me, she gave me a thumbs up and hit me with the winky face!!! She was just a dancing all over on that treadmill and all I could do was smile at her, she was so content in her skin, and having the time of her life, on that treadmill. Every where I turn there is someone somewhere that is “living in the moment” and embracing each of life’s curveballs like its nothing new. I love that. I love watching someone, the way they move, talk, the way their forehead crinkles when they are reading, or talking or concerned. The way they smile to themselves when they are doing something, the way they walk. Its something completely beautiful in watching someone. Especially an older someone. That is actually one of the reasons I love my job so much, as a medical assistant I get to talk to a variety of different people, and hear their stories, and find out their background. I love that part, I had a woman tell me once that when she worked at a hospital “back in the day” and yes she used back in the day! hahahaha That one of the doctors actually saw a sick horse and there was a horse in the actual hospital. It fascinated me that she had gotten to experience that and I immediately wanted to know more, but alas I could not take up her entire appt time just trying to pick her brain. You know the more I think about it, the more I realize that I lost myself along the way, completely. I used to enjoy finding out about people, and people watched for good reason, not to pick or nag on people, but just to study them. As an archaeologist would study bones and fossils. I liked to study people. Somewhere along the way I lost that, but watching this woman today, this absolutely amazing, carefree, happy to be herself woman I was intrigued.

As I have previously said before, life has such a way of making turns and twists and making you face plant into the dirt, before at the end you come out and it is beautiful again. Learning to roll with each “punch” is an essential part of it.

Man….. y’all my ADD be getting the best of me! NO joke! I started this 3 hours ago and due to needing a shower, super sweaty and stinky, and due to listening to music with my niece, a love we both share, and due to just a multitude of… ooooo shiny!!! things I got distracted. At first when I started this, I thought to myself, who is gonna want to read this, and its actually funny because some people have been like wait… you blog? I realize for some of you that know me that might seem like a feat unheard of, but I assure you, this is indeed something I enjoy doing and do it well. It was actually quite funny, as I was taking the “core” tests for college , when it came to writing I got the highest you could get which was a score of 5, which is funny in retrospect considering if any of you have ever text with me, complete sentences are not necessarily in my vocabulary.

My blog may offend some people, as I have learned with my previous one, and if it does Ill apologize in advance, not for writing it, but for you feeling the way you do when reading it. I will no longer apologize for being me and having an opinion that does not match the one you feel I should have. I will no longer cower down and let others have the spotlight Im coming for whats mine, and Im not stopping until I reach the top.

Over and out, stoked tomorrow is a snow day, super embarrassed I cant make it past 10:25pm because Im old! hahahahaa

Stay weird, stay happy, stay random, stay YOU!!! ❤


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