January 3rd, 2017

6:50am: You know those mornings that you wake up and ask yourself, How did I end up here? Well I am currently having one of those, and dont act like since its a new year everything is supposed to be peachy. I mean if somehow as soon as it turned 12:01 on January 1st, 2017 all your problems went away, let me know! So I can do what you do then! But it started with last night and lots of broken sleep, and lets face it, no one likes broken sleep!!! It actually sucks alot! Well the alarm went off at 4:45 am for me to go to the gym, INSTANTLY I woke with every excuse to not go to the gym, but I pushed them all aside. Went out into the icy tundra and started my car! Which FYI my car hates the cold as much as I am right now! Anyways, after it took about 10 minutes longer to drive to the gym because of said icy tundra.I walked into the gym like yeaaa.. I made it! With the ice! BOOM!!! ha dont ask! After an amazing workout , which consisted of “low impact” cardio, as apparently running causes more damage to an already “possible” fractured tailbone! I then did some light weights, which unfortunately due to said back they felt heavy and then home. Where I enjoyed this lovely breakfast of a vanilla whey protein shake, amazing coffee, and ridiculously over salted eggs. Apparently I wasnt paying attention to the first time I salted them, so I now look at my plate of eggs and feel pretty bad that I am not gonna finish my plate of my whole weeks sodium intake. Anywho back to my thought, waking up thinking how did I get here! Like did I make a left when I shoulda went right? Did I not read the stars right? My chakra’s arent in line? What happened? Truth be told, when we ask that question the real reason we do it, is because we secretly wish that someone, somewhere in the universe is actually responsible for how our life got this way instead of blaming ourselves!! And if I dont get off this thing now Ima be asking how did I get here when I have no job because I am too busy writing this instead of getting ready for work!!!!

What do they say? To be continued….. 😉

9:22pm: So I made it to work and clocked in with like 3 minutes to spare, for those of you who were wondering!! I know all 2 of you were concerned! Anywho work for some reason , seemed to drag, I mean like there seemed to be NO END IN SITE!!! It was horrible, and to top it off I had to work with the devil! As previously mentioned it was an icy tundra outside, dont get me wrong, the snow is beautiful. There is something so beautiful in its simplicity the way the tire tracks makes designs in the freshly fallen snow. The way each flake is uniquely different yet unable to be seen by the naked eye. Watching it fall throughout the day had a calming effect on me. While I hate the idea of driving in it, because people are stupid and assume you can drive like you would in normal conditions. I watched the snow every break I had, thinking to myself how could something that simple be so beautiful. Then it hit me, life is just like a snowflake, each person and each day different than the rest, but the beauty of it, just like the snowflake, cant be seen with the naked eye. Its just a feeling you get, when you look at the things in your life, the things you’ve accomplished, the things you want to accomplish, the way you look at yourself in the mirror after you’ve crushed a workout, or the way you look at your child or your friend. Its that feeling that just lets you know life is beautiful even if you cant see it.

Here I am 30 minutes later, still not done because my ADD keeps kicking in and the 00000 Bagheera keeps attaching my fingers… Thank him for the bunch of “zeros” in the corner. I had to go get a MRI tonight which lemme tell you, driving 10 miles an hour over crunching snow, knowing it is turning to ice already is NO fun! As I was leaving I watched a man for a good 10 minutes drive up and down the empty road in his jeep, fishtailing and just living and enjoying the moment and I thought WOW! I want to be him right now. Well not in my car cuz I will surely tip.. My mini-mini van is not equipped for such ‘risk taking things. Upon my arrival my son was outside playing in the snow with my nieces, and again I keep going back to the snow, but when your 15 year old niece, comes in and says how much fun she is having and feels like a little girl outside again, it takes you back to the simplistic beauty of snow, and life!!! I have sat in my sons room watching him play video games Im sure Ill never get for the past 30 minutes, and just smiled, at the back of his head, thinking how beautiful he is, and he just doesnt get it. Clearly he doesnt get it, cuz he asks me why Im staring like a weirdo!

Anyways I leave you with this, tomorrow has been declared a SNOW DAY!!! So take the time to look around and see the beauty in life, your family, your friends, your surroundings. Look at them and see the simplistic beauty that is them. Enjoy your snow day tomorrow! I know the kids will be!!

Over and out from under 3 blankets in the icy tundra that is Oregon! ❤



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