January 2nd, 2017

Welp… here I am, made it to the 2nd day of the new year!! Only slightly bruised and battered! Ha. Kidding! Generally when you say you are going to do a blog, and its going to be about your life, you do more things to make your writing interesting, example: like today I saved an ox from a mountain lion, with my bare hands and a toothpick. Or something like that, but alas I did not do anything that cool. First of all if I see an ox Im running. Second of all if I see an ox and a mountain lion approaching, “the limit does not exist” ha. Sorry folks sadly Im not that cool. Or that fast, so Id be eaten on site.

Ok moving on, so far this is what we know, I can reference movie quotes very well, Im not a fast runner, and while animals in captivity are nice to look at, up close and personal and I will die. Good recap, glad we figured that out!

Today while I was in heaven, meaning while I was getting my pedicure, I was thinking alot. Which seems to be all I fucking do anymore, its annoying actually. Its not the thinking part, its what Im thinking about that is annoying. Its never a good feeling to grow away from someone you were close too, family, relationship or friendship, no one wants to admit that there is no common ground anymore and you have to let go.Its not that you dont care for that person anymore its just that somewhere along the road, you took that fork to the left and they went to the right. IT SUCKS BALLS!!! Big hairy old gross ones too. Its all a part of “life” I assume, but at the same time it never softens the blow any less. So how do you let them go and wish them well? Whilst simultaneously not trying to make them feel bad for wanting to live their own life their own way? I think the thing that friends, real friends learn as they grow is that you can grow separately without growing apart. At least that is the goal right? To know that no matter what they will be that one close friend? Without having to speak every day? To be able to pick back up like you never fell off? Isnt that all anyone really wants?

Unfortunately here in this big world, all anyone really wants is to feel love and be validated. Many people do not know how to validate themselves, so they look to others for it, their mom, dad, sister, brother, best friend. When you have lost all reason and self you look to that person to save you.Which is yet another reason I say, get used to being alone. Honestly, I dont mean it as a smartass comment or asshole thing to say, I mean I am an asshole, but Im saying it because then if you are used to being alone, all you have to do is look to yourself for the validation that you desperately seek elsewhere. Please dont mistake validation for confidence. You can have confidence without having validation, look it up.

So anywho now that my rant is done, after my little piece of heaven, which lets face it, I rank pedicures right up there with wine and coffee. Id give up breathing before Id give up coffee, wine or pedicures. hahahaha lets just hope it never comes to that! I got to spend some time with my A-1, we did Insanity Max 30 together, which lemme tell ya!!! Is the devil, Shaun T is the devil!!!!!! If you have never done an insanity workout I suggest you try one, and then thank me, for trying to warn you! Either way, we did our workout together!! It was nice, you see I got him an X-box one for Christmas and I havent seen him since!! Ha! He has been at his cousins house just living the life! So I made him stay and workout and cuddle with me, which was the icing on the cake to my day! So now as I sit here typing this, getting attacked by my kitten every key stroke, because apparently my fingers shouldnt be moving like that. Its time to hit the sack, because its back to the 9-5 daily routine. I hate when people ask you how your day is, like dude Im living SOMEONE ELSE’S dream, how do you think its goin? Ps. great!!!

I leave you with this, “Take time to look after yourself today. Let your soul be nourished”

Think about that next time yourself slipping away!

Peace, love and happiness ❤


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