January 1st, 2017

Hey hey hey!! I promise this isn’t one of those things where I make all those promises of how I am going to change, how Ima be the very best version of me I can!!! *dramatic eye roll* Actually this will be my day to day journey thru this little lovely thing called life.

At 31 this is the only thing I am sure of, “Life is ever changing and it is never guaranteed; You cannot retrieve the words once they have been said, nor the stones once they have been thrown”

The only thing moving forward that I will say I am gonna work on is just that, living in the moment, making the best of it, and watching my words. The problem you see with words is people rarely think before speaking, never fully thinking or understanding the lasting of effect of said words. After years of lashing out before I thought, I have began to walk away before I talk. Words cut, often times deeper than any other action. So that’s it, my “resolution” live every day like its my last, and watch how I speak to people. I have been…. Well I don’t want to say a “victim” because I didn’t break down and live there, but I have been verbally abused/slandered/talked too many times in life, that it makes you realize just how important words are, and the lasting effect they have.

Soo here we are day 1, January, Enero, Eanair, Janvier, however you say it, 2017! Whoot whoot WE MADE IT!!! ha. Today I woke up, thankfully without a hangover, but looking like certain death. Looking around my room half expecting to see Scorpion in the corner screaming “GET OVER HERE” that kind of death. You know Jose and I were supposed to be friends last night, while I was not hungover, I was asleep before midnight, full blown snore and drool. The works. My day like any other starts with coffee, because lets face it, it isnt a good day unless you have coffee. PS.. if you dont like coffee, go away!!! I definitely dont need your negativity in my life! My lifeline was then followed by a bomb, if I may say so myself, breakfast . Then I sat there, you see I had every intention of getting up and being productive and like really kicking todays ass. I mean it was still productive just not fully in the way I wanted it to be, but as I sat there doing absolutely nothing, I was contemplating exactly what I wanted out of life this year. The truth though, I can have a plan all I want but life is always changing. So I just wanna be more flexible and roll with the punches, pulling matrix moves to every curve life throws at me!! My first one came yesterday, I wont know how I handled it until a little bit later, but I didnt realize it was a test until today while I was thinking. I do also know that my moves will be made in silence this year, Ill let my success speak for me, so I’d like to share my “goals” but the way my life is set up, it just wouldn’t be in my best interest.

Here is what 2016 has taught me: make moves in silence. Often times you are rowing by yourself, so get ok with being alone. Another thing is if you are lucky enough to have a rider, I mean a real down to earth rider. Cherish them. Often times we treat the people we think will always be there like shit, and everyone has a limit. Even the strongest and longest of riders, don’t push. You may end up pushing them all the way away. Everyone has a limit, remember that before you just speak.

Let me tell you this blog was supposed to help release things and I ended up drinking 2 glasses of wine, cuz the damn layout was stressing me out, hahaha!! Oh well not like I need another excuse to drink wine, I mean it could be Tuesday at 5:45pm with the wind blowing due east at a 45 degree angle and Ima say I need to drink! ha.. I danced across my kitchen trying to think of what I wanted this to be, to Justin Bieber by the way, Beauty and a beat, half white girl, half ghetto girl with a booty! I feel it gave me some clarity! hahaha

Lastly I leave you with this, “Never run back to what broke you, this includes friends, family and relationships”

Peace and hair grease and fish in the middle east!!! ❤


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